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Carpet Cleaning: Steam Clean - Pet Stains Cleaning



Our Carpet Deep Steam Clean uses a truck-mounted cleaning system. This method is often called "Hot Water Extraction" or "Steam Cleaning" and is the cleaning technique carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers recommend. This is the only cleaning method confidential as "deep cleaning." This method is frequently called "steam" cleaning due to the fine spray of water used to force dirt out of the carpet which is sucked up by the vacuum slot immediately in front of the spray.
Research indicates that the hot water extraction system provides the best capability for cleaning.
While in your home, we offer these additional cleaning services:
Upholstery (recliners, sofas, loveseat, ottoman, dining room chairs, etc.)
Air Duct Cleaning
Tile and Grout
Pet stains and odors
Area rugs
Dryer Vent

If carpet is cleaned before it becomes too unsightly, the cleaning chore will be easier and more successful. Carpet in a usual household should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months, depending on the number of residents and amount of activity.
Choosing the appropriate cleaning system is important. Some systems may leave residues which accelerate re-soiling and defeats the whole purpose of cleaning.

In addition to frequent vacuuming, its important to clean your carpet on a regular basis. Cleaning systems will remove the oily, sticky soil that vacuums can't take out, and will help keep your carpet looking great over time.
Carpet Deep Steam Clean can help your home, business or office preserve and maintain your carpet, producing a brighter, fresher exterior year after year. The overall image of your carpet plays a foremost part in the image you wish to project to your family, friends, clients and employees.

We will work around your hours of operation and your life schedule so you can be assured of maximum effectiveness as well as the safety of your employees, family, pets and/or customers.
Carpet Deep Steam Clean is fully insured and bonded carpet cleaning company.



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